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Helius is the ultimate Solana developer platform. Effortlessly navigate on-chain data with enhanced Solana APIs, webhooks, and top-tier Solana RPCs. We bring together everything required to build serious Solana applications. Start building the future of crypto, now.

Comprehensive Solana Development Tools. RPCs, APIs, Webhooks, and Data Infrastructure.

Webhooks for Solana Data

Stream Solana transactions and account changes with low latencies and robust fault-tolerance. Enjoy our built-in parsers to fine-tune events you're interested in. Easily build blockchain monitoring, indexing, notifications, automation and much more.

import { Helius, Address, TransactionType } from "helius-sdk";

const helius = new Helius("<your-api-key-here>");

  accountAddresses: [Address.MAGIC_EDEN],
  transactionTypes: [TransactionType.NFT_LISTING],
  webhookURL: "",

Enhanced Solana APIs

Simplify the interpretation and querying of historical Solana data. Gain context for on-chain transactions with our intelligent parsing systems.


"query": {
    "types": ["NFT_SALE", "NFT_LISTING"],
    "sources": ["MAGIC_EDEN", "OPENSEA"],
    "nftCollectionFilters": {
        // y00ts collection address on-chain
        "verifiedCollectionAddress": ["4mKSoDDqApmF1DqXvVTSL6tu2zixrSSNjqMxUnwvVzy2"]
    "startTime": 1669055189 // Mon, Nov 21, 2022
    "endTime": 1669165189, // Wed, Nov 23, 2022

High-Performance Solana RPC Nodes

Enhance your apps with our lightning-fast Solana RPC nodes, optimized for reliability and backed by 24/7 support. Our Solana exclusive focus lets us offer advanced optimizations and domain expertise. Equipped with an advanced archival system, swift indexing mechanisms, and fast accounts calls.

  const web3 = require('@solana/web3.js');

  const conn = new web3.connection("<>")

  (async () => {
      new solanaWeb3.PublicKey("<address>"),
      (updatedAccountInfo, context) =>
        console.log("Updated account info: ", updatedAccountInfo),

Geyser VM

Solana validators expose Geyser plugins for streaming account changes, blocks, and transactions. Geyser VM lets you manage your Geyser plugins and have them run instantly with built-in redundancy and fault-tolerance. We also run dedicated Geyser nodes as a service.

deployGeyserPlugin(, plugin.config, env)

Archival Datalake: Historical Solana Data

Need historical Solana data? We've indexed all historical Solana blocks and index all new blocks in real-time in our Cloud Storage. Run backfills, data pipelines, and ETL Jobs — compatible with integrations from AWS Athena to Spark.

const AWS = require('aws-sdk');

const s3 = new AWS.S3();

// Ask Helius for the bucket and key name!
s3.getObject({ Bucket: bucketName, Key: fileKey }, (err, data) => {
  if (err) {
    console.log('Error reading file: ', err);
  } else {
    console.log('File content: ', data.Body.toString());

Build bots, analytics, marketplaces, trackers using our comprehensive Solana APIs.

Stream on-chain events for free with transaction and account webhooks, websockets, or Geyser!

Leading Solana RPCs

Unparalleled Solana RPC reliability. Our Solana-exclusive approach ensures peak performance, domain expertise, and top-notch support. Private RPCs available.

Best-in-class reliability and 24/7 support. We pride ourselves on providing the most holistic developer experience in crypto.

We decode & interpret cryptic Solana transactions and index them for fast, flexible querying.

Query historical data by many dimensions including transaction type, time, or protocol.


Helius Pricing

Providing flexible tiers for any project size. All tiers include access to our powerful RPCs and APIs.

1 RPC Call = 1 credit

1 Webhook Push = 1 credit

1 API Call = 100 credits


Great for prototypes and hobbies.

100k Credits 1 Webhook 16 RPC calls per second 10 API calls per minute General Support


Suited for prototyping and hackathons.


2M Credits

1 Webhooks

Best-in-class Solana RPC Access

Enhanced Solana APIs

300 RPC calls per second

180 API calls per minute

General Support


Perfect for individual developers.




20M Credits

3 Webhooks

Best-in-class Solana RPC Access

Enhanced Solana APIs

300 RPC calls per second

180 API calls per minute

Streamlined Support


For teams and advanced developers.




200M Credits

10 Webhooks

Best-in-class Solana RPC Access

Enhanced Solana APIs

Unlimited RPC calls per second

Unlimited API calls per minute

Priority 24/7 Support

Unlimited Archival Datalake Access (NEW)

Enterprise Pricing: Custom Solutions for Your Business

Need a tailored plan? Our enterprise plan contains custom SLAs, 24/7 priority support, access to all features, dedicated RPCs, priority contract decoding, unlimited webhooks, lower latencies, white glove service and much more.

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