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Helius is the ultimate developer platform for building on Solana. Effortlessly navigate on-chain data with enhanced Solana APIs, webhooks, and best-in-class Solana RPCs. Join the ranks of top Solana developers, today.

Power up your Solana development.

Helius was built to make your life easier. No need to worry about parsing or interpreting on-chain data, hunting for reliable RPC nodes, or building costly pipelines for tracking real-time events.

Helius SDK

Helius SDK is the most complete & powerful SDK for building on Solana. View our documentation to learn more about how you can leverage it to use our services.

npm install helius-sdk


Build event-driven systems and on-chain automation. Watch for on-chain events and react to them in real-time — sub-second latencies. You can watch up-to 100k addresses in a single webhook!

import { Helius, Types } from "helius-sdk";

const heliusAPI = new Helius("<your-api-key-here>");

  accountAddresses: [Types.Source.MAGIC_EDEN],
  transactionTypes: [Types.TransactionType.NFT_LISTING],
  webhookURL: "my-webhook-handler.com/handle",

Enhanced APIs

We make it easy to interpret and query historical Solana data. Instead of opaque hashes, our APIs allow you to see context of on-chain transactions, whether they are NFT listings, DEX swaps, DeFi loans, or DAO votes.


"query": {
    "types": ["NFT_SALE", "NFT_LISTING"],
    "sources": ["MAGIC_EDEN", "OPENSEA"],
    "nftCollectionFilters": {
        // y00ts collection address on-chain
        "verifiedCollectionAddress": ["4mKSoDDqApmF1DqXvVTSL6tu2zixrSSNjqMxUnwvVzy2"]
    "startTime": 1669055189 // Mon, Nov 21, 2022
    "endTime": 1669165189, // Wed, Nov 23, 2022

Battle-tested Solana RPCs

Streamline your Solana development with our lighting-fast Solana RPCs. Optimized for reliability. Best-in-class support.

  const web3 = require('@solana/web3.js');

  const conn = new web3.connection("https://rpc.helius.xyz/?api-key=<>")

  (async () => {
      new solanaWeb3.PublicKey("<address>"),
      (updatedAccountInfo, context) =>
        console.log("Updated account info: ", updatedAccountInfo),

We provide the most powerful Solana RPC hardware around. We offer the fastest speeds at the lowest prices possible. We also provide private RPCs for serious users.

Stream on-chain events on up to 100k addresses for free.


Quickly build bots, analytics, marketplaces, portfolio or wallet trackers using the most complete Solana NFT API.

Write up-to 90% less code using our services.

We decode & interpret cryptic on-chain transactions and index them for fast & flexible querying.

We allow you to query historical data by multiple dimensions including transaction types (DAO votes, NFT Mints, DeFi Swaps, etc) or underlying protocols (Jupiter, Magic Eden, etc).



Providing flexible tiers for any project size. All tiers include access to our powerful RPCs and APIs.

1 RPC Call = 1 credit

1 Webhook Push = 1 credit

1 API Call = 100 credits


Great for prototypes and hobbies.

100k Credits 1 Webhook 16 RPC calls per second 10 API calls per minute General Support


Suited for prototyping and hackathons.


2M Credits

1 Webhooks

Best-in-class Solana RPC Access

Enhanced Solana APIs

300 RPC calls per second

180 API calls per minute

General Support


Perfect for individual developers.




Save ~$130

20M Credits

3 Webhooks

Best-in-class Solana RPC Access

Enhanced Solana APIs

300 RPC calls per second

180 API calls per minute

Streamlined Support


For teams and advanced developers.




Save ~$700

200M Credits

10 Webhooks

Best-in-class Solana RPC Access

Enhanced Solana APIs

Unlimited RPC calls per second

Unlimited API calls per minute

Priority 24/7 Support

Unlimited S3 Archival Datalake Access (NEW)

Enterprise Pricing

Need a tailored plan? Our enterprise plan contains custom SLAs, 24/7 priority support, access to all features, dedicated RPCs, priority contract decoding, unlimited webhooks, lower latencies, white glove service and much more.

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